Netgear R7000, AdvancedTomato and the blinky LEDs

I recently discovered Advanced Tomato, and I’m fairly confident that it is one of the best open source router firmware solutions in existence.Citation Needed If you’ve ever tinkered with routers before, you know that an excellent way to upgrade your normal consumer grade router is to flash it’s firmware... [Read More]

Nginx Webserver, Tips, Tricks and How To's

Nginx is an excellent high performance web server, it tends to be my web server of choice for most things. It can handle reverse proxying to application servers with ease, it can load balance multiple applications, rewrite URLs, act as an HTTPS termination point, and just about anything else... [Read More]

Configuring Ubuntu Server 14.04 on DigitalOcean

This post is about some of the steps that I take when configuring a virtual or physical server and connecting it to the internet. We’re just configuring a server for “general” use. Originally this post was about setting up a server for ElasticSearch, but I found it reasonable to generalize... [Read More]

Bulk Importing Data Into ElasticSearch

Bulk Actions in ElasticSearch Bulk actions in ElasticSearch are an excellent solution to the problem of.. “How on earth do I get all of this data into the index?”. In this case, we’re going to be moving the data from over to an ElasticSearch instance. We’re running... [Read More]