Lets Encrypt, everything.

Everything should be encrypted, as software engineers we all know this. Anything transmitted over the wires of the internet should be encrypted. We use SSH for our server communications, and TLS/SSL (HTTPS) any other time we’re sending data around. Even if you’re not a technically minded person, you use... [Read More]

Micro-service based architecture in IoT land.

In the last post I made, we set up and ESP8266 to log the temperature in my apartment to the internet. One disadvantage that this has is that it’s difficult to change any of the functionality that is programmed into the chip. For example: where you’re sending the data,... [Read More]

Adventures in programming the ESP8266

Follow Up: Here’s the data that I’ve been collecting with this project The ESP8266 has been out for a little over a year now, and even when it was first released it was making waves. $4-$5 USD cost,... [Read More]

Curl::Easy - maybe not.

Curl::Easy - are we sure? I think most people who’ve worked with the Curl::Easy ruby wrapper for libcurl have found it’s documentation to be a bit lacking. So I’m going to give some examples here that will hopefully clear stuff up for people; and that I’ve... [Read More]

Trying out a Jekyll blog

Decided to try out Jekyll I’m poking around with Jekyll and GitHub Pages - and it’s ridiculously simple. Almost too good to be true. [Read More]