About Me

I'm Adam Runner, I'm a Senior Software Engineer for Rejuvenation. I've been developing software in the ecommerce industry since 2011, prior to moving into software development I worked in the repair / support industry. Supporting both business and residental customers.

Some of the technologies I play nicely with are: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbone, React, MongoDB, MySQL, CoffeeScript, Chef, Redis.

I manage the engineering team that builds and maintains the Rejuvenation ecommerce application - a custom ecommerce platform built on Ruby on Rails. This platform enables the complex process of custom configured lighting and other products; with well over 100m possible combinations.

This blog serves as a spot to write problems (and solutions) down, in the hopes that they'll help or inspire someone, some day. Also, it works as quite an easy to find documentation system for some of the problems that I've ran into over the years.

I also currently collect data regarding the temperature inside my apartment, and for my neighborhood in SW Portland, Oregon. I display this information on an interactive graph.